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Weather conditions are often volatile like the mood of a great artist. Do not let yourself be caught unawares and stay up to date on the weather in South Tyrol to better organize your marellous days outdoors.

General weather conditions
Cloudy, thunderstorm with moderate shower
from 16° to 26°

The maximum temperatures will range from 23° in the Wipptal to 26° in the Unterland.
The sun will shine at times, but isolated rain showers are possible in the first half of the day. Showers and thunderstorms will become more frequent in the afternoon.

Unstable air masses.

Development - Variable weather

Wednesday will be characterized by a mix of sun and clouds, with rain showers or thunderstorms to be expected again in the afternoon. Thursday will be quite sunny with high and cumuliform clouds. Few showers in the afternoon. Friday is expected to bring more stable conditions, with sunshine prevailing. Saturday will begin with low clouds in places, otherwise it will be sunny. More clouds will appear in the afternoon and the tendency for showers and thunderstorms will increase.

Forecasts for the coming days
26.06.2024Cloudy, moderate rain
Day from 21° to 27° Night from 10° to 16°
Day from 22° to 30° Night from 10° to 17°
28.06.2024Partly cloudy
Day from 24° to 31° Night from 11° to 18°
Day from 24° to 31° Night from 12° to 19°
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