The "manifesto" of a holiday. Yours.

Experience as art

Our external work, inaugurated in 2019, is the result of the inspiration of the Meranese artist Pierluigi Mattiuzzi whose energy, expressive tension and saturation of the images is heightened by the composition and colouring curated by designer Andrea De Benedetto.

In the creation, subdivided into connected panels, Mattiuzzi outlines and interprets according to his art, completed by the chromatic palette created by the designer, the spirit and the characteristic elements of Napura Art & Design Hotel: care and love for people, the protected environment of quiet and relaxation, the sweet "enchanted sleep" reserved for those staying in the hotel.

The work enhances and recalls the overall harmony of artistic forms and design as well as their connection with the natural context, creating a unique sensation that every guest can experience.

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